Fanatical for film was born from my love of photographing people and places on film. I have shot digital professionally for years but never quite connected with it, there was always something missing both in the process itself and the end result.

My weapons of choice for film photography are the legendary Nikon FM2 35mm and the beautiful Mamiya 645 medium format camera. Between these two cameras I can cover pretty much any eventuality and produce gorgeous imagery that has a natural texture and organic feeling that I could never quite simulate with digital cameras.

I mainly shoot portrait sessions, weddings, events and engagements sessions. The process is very different shooting film, itโ€™s allot slower and for me personally, more creative. When I shot digital I would take allot more photos as quite often you are photographing something in the hope that it will turn into an image. With film, I shoot when the image is there.

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